In our day and age, to sell your Southwest Florida home means marketing your home – luckily, I do both well!

Maybe you’re just considering or maybe you already know it’s time to sell your Southwest Florida home and list it on the market. I know the process of selling your home can be a headache. That’s why I am here to remove the burden. In our industry, selling a home is all about marketing. An excellent way to see how well an agent can market is to see how well they market themselves. A well-known name in Southwest Florida realty, I have worked hard to make Vickie Townes synonymous with reputable, trustworthy, and genuine.

I have developed a highly successful marketing plan that results in a smooth sale of your home with offers at or above your asking price. One of these marketing successes is postcards. I regularly send pending, just listed, and sold postcards because you never know who knows someone looking to buy!


I also partner with professional photographers who specialize in real estate photography. From showcasing your backyard as a tropical oasis to displaying your kitchen as a spacious culinary dream, my team of photographers put your home’s best face forward. Think of selling your home like preparing it to go on a blind date; we might recommend a few low-cost beauty tips that will substantially increase the resale value. We want each potential buyer who goes on a blind date with your house to leave impressed, not catfished!

Getting the most value from your home is in the details. With over 20 years of experience working in the Southwest Florida market, I know what small things increase the value of your home and help to sell your southwest Florida home.

“But they aren’t you.”


A client offered this response when I offered to introduce him to another agent on our team. While the agent was fantastic at their job, I understood my client’s concern. When conducting the large and intimidating transaction of the sale of your home, you want to know you can trust the person brokering the deal for you. Trust is a cornerstone in the real estate industry, and my clients know they can trust me – you can too!



If I could offer any seller advice, I would stress the importance of preparing your home for the market. This can be as simple as taking a few steps to increase buyer appeal. For example, I recommend painting any bright-colored walls a neutral color as this often appeals to a larger audience. Declutter each room of your house and remove any extra things from shelves and countertops. Spruce up your front yard, as this is the first impression a potential buyer will have of your home. Fresh mulch, tidy flower beds, and cut grass go a long way!

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Whether you’re looking to buy or sell property in Southwest Florida, you can count on Vickie and Olivia to provide you with the highest level of service and expertise. Contact them today!

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